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From morning to evening,
good food is at home

B&B, full or half board, choose the treatment that best suits you: from breakfast onwards, finding everything ready will be a pleasure that you will find every day.


If it's true that the day can't start without coffee, you can get rid of many cravings immediately afterwards, because here, breakfast is not only varied, but also delicious:

Homemade cakes, classic brioches, chocolate, pancakes, sweet buns and rolls, eggs, savoury and vegan ideas.

From 7 a.m. to 9.30 a.m., served or buffet style.


A mother in the kitchen

In the land of Pellegrino Artusi, there is no Romagna native who is not an expert, in his own way, in cooking: handed-down recipes, local products and a pinch of passion, that extra ingredient that makes a simple dish a little bit special.

Gourmet menus and elaborate dishes?

We want to give value back to home cooking: here we care a little less about the form, but the quality of the ingredients and the flavours of the past, mamma Nives does not want to give up.


Local and seasonal products: to go green, cooking is a good start

There are so many traditional dishes to try: lasagne, tagliatelle, fried food, soups and grilled fish, but also piadina in all its forms, fantastic local cold cuts and desserts, as simple as the Romagna doughnut, as delicious as tiramisu or grandma's cake.

Hands in the dough

A different menu every day, lots of dishes to taste, often as simple to prepare as they are tasty.
Why not try to reproduce them at home? All you have to do is ask for practical advice in the kitchen, small secrets for great results!

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